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Home is Where the Hugel is

Lots of ideas are buzzing around the permaculturoshere right now but few have landed at gardens, homesteads and prog eco farms with the intensity of hugelkultur. Why is this? Is it the deep, gutteral voicing that makes hugel (said ‘hoogle’) as enchanting to say as learning a new word as a child, like pssgetti? Is […]

Backyard composting

The compost center is the soil-building factory of productive backyard ecosystems. It’s where household by-products and low value organic materials are processed into higher value, micro-biologically active humus by teams of bacteria, fungi, nematodes, and earthworms. The ability to produce one’s own compost is of huge significance to the economic performance of backyard food production. […]

Economics of the Rain Barrel

Rain barrels are the rage right now. A 55 gallon re-purposed food barrel at the downspout is one’s statement of their stance on storm water run-off and urban regeneration. Sort of like what the Prius is to gasoline consumption. Sort of. The assumption I make of those who urban homestead is that they do it […]