Call for 2015 pro bono project proposals

Each year I offer free design and consulting services to one educational or non-profit organization seeking help with a project to meet a community food system need. Last year’s project was a new compost system for the Winooski O’Brien Community Gardens and Vermont Works for Women kitchen.

New compost bins at the Winooski Community Gardens.
New compost bins at the Winooski Community Gardens.

Please contact me to request more info about submitting a proposal for 2015 before May 15th.

Free Consults for the month of April

Get to know me and pick my brain on any gardening, permaculture and backyard homesteading topic you like.  In addition to my alseedlings urban homesteader sunflowerways free 1/2 hour get-to-know-you sessions, I’ll be providing up to 1 hour consults for the month of April on any topic you wish.  Contact me via email to schedule.

On-site consults available in Chittenden County.

Live outside Chittenden County? No problem. Contact me to set up a phone or Skype consult.


To help people on their gardening & permaculture journey with honesty, integrity and compassion.

To empower people to use their own unique skills to enact change for themselves, their community and the planet by building relationships based on trust, respect and a common vision.

Vision:garden overview

Vibrant, engaged and empowered communities taking responsibility through individual and collective action.

Networks of thriving, inter-dependent gardens, edible landscapes and wild spaces woven through the urban and suburban landscape connecting people, wildlife and the natural world.



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